Mary Stefanazzi

Offering Support in Challenging Times

Mary Stefanazzi

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Counselling / Psychotherapy

Mary's interest lies in supporting Human Flourishing 


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Counselling / Psychotherapy

Accredited Psychotherapist

The basis of Mary's approach lies in the wisdom of Aristotle, Jung and the Christian tradition.


SuperVision and Psychotherapy have different objectives


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Accredited Supervisor

SuperVision provides an opportunity for critical reflection that can enable transformative learning to take place.

Dealing with grief

Grief and Loss as taught by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross MD


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Dealing with Grief

Grief and Loss are part of the human journey through life. Some losses may be neither recognised nor grieved. 

Conversation Cafe

Set a trend - Be the first to host a 'Conversation Café' 

 It's about having

Conversations that Matter

Conversation Café

Aims to encourage

Conversations that Matter

Conversation Café is a new and innovative concept where all voices are valued.


The public debate on ECT in Ireland demonstrates little in the way of ethical reflection.

'Is Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Ever Ethically Justified? If so, Under What Circumstances.'

This is the title of an article I wrote which was published in the journal HEC Forum, 25:1, March 2013 (Health Care Ethics Committee Forum).

ECT was discussed (19th July 2012) on Prime Time, RTE 1 television but unfortunately yet again the ethical issues were not part of the discussion.   My research for this article is an attempt to consider ECT from an ethical perspective by considering all sides of the debate. The result of this research is brought together in this article.


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