Mary Stefanazzi

Offering Support in Challenging Times

Mary Stefanazzi

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Counselling / Psychotherapy

Mary's interest lies in supporting Human Flourishing 


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Counselling / Psychotherapy

Accredited Psychotherapist

The basis of Mary's approach lies in the wisdom of Aristotle, Jung and the Christian tradition.


SuperVision and Psychotherapy have different objectives


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Accredited Supervisor

SuperVision provides an opportunity for critical reflection that can enable transformative learning to take place.

Dealing with grief

Grief and Loss as taught by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross MD


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Dealing with Grief

Grief and Loss are part of the human journey through life. Some losses may be neither recognised nor grieved. 

Conversation Cafe

Set a trend - Be the first to host a 'Conversation Café' 

 It's about having

Conversations that Matter

Conversation Café

Aims to encourage

Conversations that Matter

Conversation Café is a new and innovative concept where all voices are valued.


Some of Mary Stefanazzi's thoughts on the common ground between psychotherapy, theology and the practices of religion are discussed in this interview with Michael Comyn on the Leap of Faith programme on RTE 1 Radio broadcast on 2nd February 2018.

Click on the programme title here to listen back. THE LEAP OF FAITH 2.2.2018

In this programme we talk with Dublin Psychotherapist Dr Mary Stefanazzi who recently (2017) completed a PhD on the dialogue between Victor White (Theologian) and Carl Jung (Analytical Psychology) on the relationship between Theology and Psychology. 

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