Do you ever feel not heard? Now you can do something about it

Conversation Café is a new and innovative concept designed to give participants the experience of being heard. In the daily routine of many peoples lives conversations happen over a cup of tea or coffee. Likewise the best exchange of information at conferences is often at the refreshment table. 

  • Conversation Café concept was launched in Ireland in October 2015 by Mary Stefanazzi.
  • Conversation Café is intended as a metaphor to represent an environment that is conducive to conversations that matter.
  • Conversation Café' is a method rather than a place. Yet it involves more than a casual conversation. 
  • Conversation Café can happen anywhere that takes your fancy within reason!
  • Conversation Café can be a transformative learning experience for participants.
  • Conversation Café provides a window into what can happen when introverts and extroverts really communicate.

Having heard stories of many unnecessary and unpleasant situations that could have been avoided if everyone was heard, Mary decided to do something about it. The aim of Conversation Café is to encourage more and more people to initiate conversations that matter. Mary's facilitation ensures that everybody has an opportunity to be heard - something that does not just happen in conversation - it takes deliberate effort.

Where does a Conversation Café take place?

The most popular option at present is where Mary is invited by a host to facilitate a Conversation Café at a venue of their choice.

  • The Conversation Café host invites a select circle of colleagues or friends to gather at a location of their choice on the appointed day and time to share the Conversation Café experience together. 
  • Why not initiate the conversation you want to see happen by inviting Mary to facilitate a Conversation Café at your home?
  • Set the trend by being the first to host a Conversation Café
  • Every Conversation Café is different so each one is a unique experience.
  • Contact Mary to make it happen - why wait for some of your friends to do it?
  • It's not everyday you get an opportunity to try something new like a  Conversation Café in our own home.

The added value of Conversation Café is that you select the topic for the event. A theme you are passionate about is a good place to start for your first Conversation Café event. In her characteristic creative, dynamic and innovative way, Mary will invite participants to contribute to the conversation and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to experience being heard. Although this sounds simple the experience has been described as 'transformative.'

Alternatively Mary can help the gathering to choose a topic in a creative and effective way at the start of the Conversation Café.

The Conversation Café process will be structured along established ethical principles in such a way as to allow the organic nature of an authentic human conversation to happen. The aim is to support and encourage the flourishing of each human person through the process of an ordinary conversation that can accommodate the extraordinary.

Call today to host your very first 'Conversation Café?'