The aim of Mary's work is to help every person to flourish - each in their own unique way. Human Flourishing was the theme of Mary's Doctoral research which continues to inspire and motivate her.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Need help? Feeling low, fed up, confused, anxious or depressed? Don't know where to turn? When you need someone to really listen in confidence talk to Mary. Psychotherapy with Mary can help you to uncover the root of your distress and support you to deal with whatever inner turmoil you are experiencing.

Dream Analysis

Want to uncover the healing potential in your dreams? Mary can help you to unravel the meaning and therapeutic benefit of your dreams. Based on the work of Carl Jung you will learn so much about yourself and have great fun in the process.

Are you thinking 'I need help?'

You may know you need help but not know who to turn to.

To help you find what you need as soon as possible Mary is willing to have a brief chat with you on the phone or online. This conversation ought to provide you with sufficient information to help you to weigh up your options. Contact Mary today to set up a conversation.

Mary's approach is based on sound academic research

Psychotherapy with Mary is not likely to fix your problems or to make your life easier. What it may offer you is a sound account of what it means to be a flourishing human person and how you might support yourself in that regard.

Mary has researched the common ground between psychology and Christianity.

Western thought can be said to be rooted in the the philosophical tradition of ancient Greece. The philosophical thread can also be traced in the Christian tradition. This is a generally held view irrespective of whether people are believers or not. The benefit of this ancient wisdom is that although the times we live in have changed, the human condition has not. 

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction with Mary can help you to unravel the often tangled web of ideas, attitudes and beliefs that can make it hard for you to recognise the call of the soul from deep within.

Any questions about how I can assist you?

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