Although interest in Meditation is increasing, knowing where to begin can be a daunting task. My aim is to teach people how to meditate and how to develop a meditation routine as a regular practice in daily life. Every sort of life situation can be worked with.

If you search online for meditation and you are faced with images of sunrises, clouds, empty beaches, candles and the like. If the everyday reality of many peoples lives were portrayed graphically the images would be very different. It is possible to learn how to meditate in a way that can realistically be incorporated into your daily life without taking yourself away to far distant lands.


The process of learning to meditate with Mary Stefanazzi consists of a series of one to one conversations. It begins by my getting a brief outline of your daily life. Then I will introduce you to the traditional principles of meditation.

Against that backdrop I will outline and discuss with you a range of practices that may best suit your lifestyle. From there we will select whatever practice appeals to you the most. Then I can guide you in various ways how to incorporate the practice into your daily routine in a realistic way.

We will follow up at regular intervals to see how you are getting on, manage any difficulties and progressively teach you how to develop your personal practice. Not in any generic way but in a way that is particular to you.

For those individuals who learn how to meditate with me there are occasional group gatherings which are an opportunity to practice together, answer more general theoretical questions and learn how to overcome common obstacles. The key is to aim to continue the practice after the initial burst of enthusiasm has waned.

Do call me to discuss your particular interest and needs in this regard. The number for my Dublin office is (01) 8388135 and the Westmeath office is (044) 9662669.

I look forward to talking with you soon and to introducing you to the wholesome practice of meditation. 



Any questions about how I can assist you?

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