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Virtue Ethics Ireland

President Michael D. Higgins launched a Nationwide Ethics Initiative on 14th February, 2014. 

The stated aim of the initiative was to develop a public discourse that places human flourishing and an ethic of active citizenship at its heart. This principle is grounded in the discipline of Virtue Ethics which is about the development of character and considering what it means to live a good life. A virtue approach to ethics is rooted in the work of Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher. How we think and act over time contribute to the sort of character we cultivate.

Sabina Higgins, President Michael D. Higgins and Mary Stefanazzi

Photographed at the Garden Party to mark the 'President of Ireland's Ethics Initiative' at Aras an Uachtarain, 25th June 2014.

Click HERE to watch a video of President Higgins speech on the day.

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The Energy of Money

Many people experience great stress dealing with money that is often not related to the amount of money they have access to. Exploring The Energy of Money with Mary is more about revealing the hidden attitudes and obstacles that may be influencing how you deal with money.

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