Meeting Elisabeth Kubler-Ross for the first time at the Servite Priory in Benburb, Northern Ireland, in August 1989 was a wonderful experience. Her authenticity was what struck me most. When Elisabeth told her many stories, as only she could, I was transfixed. It was clear to me then that my next step was to learn all I could from her.

Elisabeth is possibly best known for her pioneering work, the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross 5 stages of grief.

These stages are part of an extensive teaching by Elisabeth on the human condition.

To listen to Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross discuss end of life issues, forgiveness and the concept of unconditional love this 54 minute film, filmed in 1983, gives a good overview of her thoughts and ideas.

Click on the title to watch the film, TO LIVE UNTIL YOU DIE, about  Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross which includes live footage of Elisabeth.

 Mary Stefanazzi photographed with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross at her farm in Head Waters, Virginia, USA in 1991.

Having completed the training with the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation I was fortunate to have an opportunity to be part of the therapeutic staff at the first Life, Death and Transition Workshop held at Elisabeth's farm in Head Waters, Virginia, USA in October 1991. 

The farm at Head Waters where Elisabeth lived consisted of around 300 acres. Elisabeth had a purpose built residential workshop facility on the farm for her healing work. She called her organization Shanti Nilaya which is a Sanskrit word meaning final home of peace.

 Photograph of workshop space at Elisabeth's farm in Head Waters, Virginia, USA.

The workshop building was a beautiful timber structure set among magnificent trees in a private woodland area of the farm. Elizabeth's Swiss ancestry is symbolised by the Swiss flag you can see in the photo. The photos on this page are all from that memorable time in Head Waters, in October 1991.

I witnessed some of the many lives Elisabeth touched - including my own - and will be ever grateful to her. On The Leap of Faith programme, broadcast on April 6th 2018, Dr Mary Stefanazzi talks with Michael Comyn about Elisabeth's work and her approach to the end of life. Click on the programme title here to listen back. THE LEAP OF FAITH 6.4.2018.

Mary trained with the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation after first meeting the doctor in 1989. May she Rest in Peace.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


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